May 30, 2015

Snow and Ice pose danger to gas meters

Columbia Gas of Massachusetts is concerned with recent incidents involving large icicles and snow accumulation falling from rooftops onto natural gas meters.  The Hanover Fire Department has responded to a number of … [Read More...]

Historic Snowfall Creates Roof Collapse Danger

Recent storms have created a dangerous situation in our community.   Heavy snow and high winds have created some tremendous snow drifts.  These drifts have also occurred on many roofs.   Owners of buildings with flat and … [Read More...]


Snow Storms Bury Hydrants

2/4/15      As of 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the Hanover Fire Department estimates that more than 80% of the Town's fire hydrants are buried under snow.    Finding and uncovering a snow covered hydrant wastes valuable … [Read More...]

Winter Heating Safety Tips:

WINTER HEATING SAFETY The recent extremely cold temperatures have demonstrated the potential dangers associated with utilizing ‘alternative’ methods to heat your home, particularly if you lose your primary heating … [Read More...]

Hanover firefighters train on ice rescue techniques on 1/13/15

State Fire Marshal Issues Ice Safety Tips

“Ice and cold water safety is always a key concern here in New England,” said State Fire Marshal Stephen Coan. “At the first cold snap, people mistakenly think that the ice is safe to walk on. This is the time of year … [Read More...]