July 29, 2016

Open Burning Season Jan 15th thru April 30th

Permit Required A permit must be obtained from the fire department by calling each day that you wish to conduct open burning.  Permits are issued between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.  The phone number to obtain … [Read More...]

Response Data for Calendar Year 2015

The Hanover Fire Department responded to 3058 calls during 2015.   This was the busiest calendar year in Department history.       Click on the following links for more detailed information on Department run data for … [Read More...]

Cold Weather Fire Safety Warning

Fire Chief Issues Cold Weather Fire Safety Warning Fire officials issued a fire safety warning as we enter the first period of extremely cold weather this winter. “The Sub-freezing temperature dip this weekend will tax … [Read More...]

Surplus Fire Truck for Sale

Surplus Fire Truck for sale: The Town of Hanover, Hanover Massachusetts, is offering for sale by sealed bid a 1999 E-One Fire Pumper.   Vehicle has 140,000 miles, Cummins 325 hp motor, Allison Automatic Transmission, … [Read More...]

Fire Safety for Older Adults

Older Adults at Greatest Risk for Fire Death Older adults, those age 65 and above, accounted for 14% of the population, but 26% of the fire deaths in 2014. They were nearly twice as likely to die in a … [Read More...]