October 20, 2020

Emergency Medical Services

The Hanover Fire Department currently operates three Advanced Life Support Ambulances and one Advanced Life Support Engine.  Two ambulances and the ALS engine  are housed at Fire Department Headquarters.   The third ambulance is currently stored  at Station 2.

One ambulance is always staffed by on-duty career personnel at Headquarters.  The second and third ambulances are staffed by remaining on-duty personnel and a call-back system.  


EMS Coordinator: Captain James Gallagher, Group 4

Advanced Life Support Coordinator: Firefighter/Paramedic Fred Freeman, Group 2

Full-Time Emergency Medical Services Staffing:

  • Paramedic: 14
  • EMT-Intermediate: 3
  • EMT-Basic: 4
  • Call Firefighters operate at the First Responder EMS Level